Writers Don’t Have to Work for Free

You have to start somewhere

I took the time to learn about Lefsetz because I wanted to understand why a man who has clearly earned money from his writing would discourage others from earning money from theirs. This notion that wanting to charge readers for your work somehow diminishes the writer’s higher purpose is, frankly, a fantasy. It’s hurting writers.

Your story is not my story (and that’s okay)

I actually love Lefsetz’s origin story. It’s a great example of how an independent writer took ownership of his work and turned it into a successful career. That Lefsetz doesn’t consider himself a writer is beside the point. In the LA Times piece he is quoted saying:

If you’ve got nothing nice to say…

Pundits like Lefsetz can do real harm to emerging artists when they dispense advice that’s based on their own realities and gut feelings without taking the time to understand the nuance that comes with trying to make a living from your art.

Occasional poet. Writer of sad essays. Novelist. Birder and amateur photographer. I enjoy trees.

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