Why shouldn’t someone make $10,000 on posts that chronicle their personal lives? If people are reading that type of content, then why wouldn’t you celebrate the author’s success? Because it’s not your success? I think you’re doing pretty well on Medium…

I can’t help wonder who you’re you referring to when you categorize all non-technical or journalistic content as junk. I assume you’d include my essays about my dead daughter — many of which have been published in traditional publications outside of Medium because, how could I not? Is poetry also junk? You sure do write a lot of it.

Algorithms exist on every platform and people have been trying to understand them — and game them — for as long as I’ve been a digital marketer (20+ years). Taking them personally is a mistake.

In terms of the type of content that Medium promotes, it is likely the content that resonates with its readers the most. Attention flows naturally to stories that are personal, authentic, relatable and human. These are the stories I like to read when I come to Medium. That doesn’t mean that content about AI, blockchain and tech aren’t worthy or valuable. It’s true that the these topics don’t interest me or lift me up, but that doesn’t mean I consider them junk.

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Occasional poet. Writer of sad essays. Novelist. Birder and amateur photographer. I enjoy trees.

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