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Photo Source: Pixabay

you cast your own glow, brilliant yellow
standing before fairy-lit windows
a bright contrast to the ivory-black night

youth painted in verdant strokes -
celadon green, sap green, phthalo green -
the darkest days of pre-solstice winter
can’t diminish the cinnabar flame
of your pine-scented candles
crimson, cadmium, deep scarlet

may your bell, metallic silver, always ring

rose dore lips, permanent orange shine
post you, future you, every you
each hue blending, expanding
into a new you

dianthus pink fingers, Verona gold hair
eyes — cobalt violet and brown ochre
laughter like magenta and ultramarine
lazulia tears, cold grey
with a swirl of pearlescent white

your colors are never straight from the tube
your canvas can’t be contained

at your core, a virtuoso’s beating heart
clay and paint and graphite
wire and glass and wax
bifurcated with veins;
prussian blue, manganese blue, indigo
a masterpiece of mixed media
covered in gold leaf

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